• New track: Into The Ocean

  • New track: Not What I Want

  • NSMetronome - free simple metronome app for macOS

    Ok. The 120mb metronome app that takes 5 seconds to initialize on my 3GHz cpu and NVMe SSD, for which I’ve paid money, does not accept my license code anymore. Time to dust off Qt!

  • Setting up OpenVPN with dokku

    Present day software deployment ways never cease to amaze me. Yesterday I was able to set up an OpenVPN server with dokku on one of my spare linodes in a matter of minutes!

  • Alfred Extension: ghprj

    A while ago I made a somewhat nice-to-have extension for Alfredghprj. Its fuzzy matching algorithm makes navigating across your github repos a breeze!

  • Welcome

    Welcome to my blog. Chances are, you are a random visitor, or a bot even. Chances are, this blog will never get another post. I just wanted to do it for a while, so here we go!

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